4 tech innovations from the past decade you couldn’t live without

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by ebay


The year is 2005. The best thing you could do on your phone then was play snake and free-call friends who connected to the same service as you. Commercialised GPS had only recently hit the mainstream, so car trips generally meant that the person in the passenger seat (equipped only with a 2D map!) was the designated human GPS. YouTube was launched in 2005, and USB’s had only just replaced the floppy disc.

With technological advancements moving so seamlessly and quickly, there is little wonder there exists a collective forgetfulness of what life was like 10 years ago. Can you even remember a time when you didn’t ‘Google’? Also, while it used to be hard to track down the best prices for new technologies, eBay is now your one stop shop for tech products from trusted retailers. Hoorah!

Here are the top 4 tech innovations we bet you wouldn’t be able to go back to living without:

1. MP3 Players

Attn: the 160 million or so people who own an Apple iPod MP3 player, take out your white ear buds and ponder this for a second: before the iPod there was only the Walkman.

Try going for a run with a Walkman or packing enough CD’s in your carry bag to sustain an interstate train trip without listening to the same album on repeat.

2. GPS

Can you imagine going anywhere without a GPS? Whether a cars GPS or Google maps on your iPhone, getting from A to B is incredibly effortless these days. Before GPS hit the mainstream an actual paper map governed car trips, and while filling up their cars people would ask for directions to the next town. Weird, I know.

As for meeting friends at a bar across town or hunting down a secret beach, can you picture using only a paper map and your sense of direction to get you there? Nope, didn’t think so.

3. The iPhone

The first iPhone was released in 2007, and would go on to change the way we interact with the world forever. No longer were phones about snake, texting and calling -– the iPhone became a powerful computer that you could fit in the palm of your hands. It became a fifth limb.

The iPhone means that you can access the Internet anytime, anywhere. Work email received after hours? No worries –- you can respond to it on the bus home. Thanks to the iPhone, dinner table conversations have become a bore. While you used to debate vehemently with friends and family over topics you thought you both knew best about, now a quick Google search means you can find cold, hard evidence to support (or debunk) your argument. The iPhone marked the end of the MP3, and the burgeoning of the multi-billion dollar app industry. It also means that you never have to get lost in a foreign country again.

4. The Reverse Camera

Kim Kardashian wouldn’t be releasing 350-page hardcover book of selfies entitled ‘Selfish’ and your Instagram would be overrun with mirror selfies. Enough said.

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source: http://mashable.com/2015/03/28/past-tech-innovations-brandspeak/

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